Neil Dean Stockton

Neil Dean Stockton, 81, died at his home on Sept. 12, 2009.

He and his wife, Margie Pearl, lived in Butte Falls.

He was an important part of southern Oregon history. He served as a Merchant Marine and in the Coast Guard, built railroad, worked on I-5 between Ashland and Mt. Shasta and logged in his younger years. He was  active in the community and in American Legion and Temple Emek Shalom.

He is survived by his second wife, Davida Stockton; daughters, Christine Berry and Gwen Stockton; son, David Stockton; stepson, Dean Earlix; brother, Charles Ray; and a plethora of grandchildren, all of whom will deeply miss him.

He was preceded in death by his first wife, Margie Pearl, who died in 1994; children,  and a son, Steven, who died at nine months of age.

Donations in Mr. Stockton’s name may be made to the Humane Society.

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