Numbers of Shady Cove groups donate supplies to UR schools

Are residents of the Upper Rogue more caring than elsewhere? If so, is it because the Upper Rogue is comprised of small towns making for a closeness not felt in larger, urban areas? Whether there is any validity to this conjecture and whatever the cause, Upper Rogue schools are better off because of three concerned organizations and a church that provided local students with school supplies and donations to teachers.

The Women of the Moose and members of Moose Lodge 2480, the Cascade Masonic Lodge 208, Valley Ladies and the River Bend Baptist Church generously provided children with much needed school supplies. Schools benefiting from this largesse are Little Butte, Eagle Rock, Shady Cove, Elk Trail, Butte Falls and Prospect.

The men and women of Moose contributed about $500 worth of supplies to Shady Cove School. Senior Regent Judy Hull says the women are still collecting money to help students with gym clothes. Moose has a monthly fundraiser for projects that help where needed. Recently, the lodge donated $500 to the Shady Cove Cool Club (teen center).

The Valley Ladies donated school supplies totaling $1140.60 to Shady Cove, Elk Trail, Butte Falls and Prospect schools, according to member Liz Anderson. Supplies included crayons, rulers, 1,440 pencils, 193 calculators and 154 packages of paper with 150 sheets each and much more. With the flu season ahead, the ladies contributed hand sanitizer and Kleenex. Because of poverty, many families in the Upper Rogue sadly turned the care of their dogs over to the Humane Society. The detail-oriented ladies helped by also donating 360 pounds of dog food to the society.

The Masons gave 60 teachers $100 each. The grand total of $6,000 will allow the teachers to choose and purchase items for their individual classrooms. The Masons are youth oriented and as well as the yearly checks to teachers, the organization also gave $800 to the teen center.

The River Bend Church, although it has a small congregation, donated backpacks and other items such as writing pads and pens to Shady Cove Elementary School. Pastor Larry Chasteen said the church hopes to give more before fall ends.

With tight budgets and the many needs of students, the donated school supplies are greatly appreciated. Shady Cove and Elk Trail Schools Principal Tiffany O’Donnell says, “In these economic challenging times we are facing, the donations have been a Godsend.”

Why are the members of these organizations so caring about children? Allen Quail Secretary of the Masons summed it up by saying, “We think the children are the future and the best way to support the children is to support the teachers that teach them.”
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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