Preliminary D9 Foundation benefit weekend results

A preliminary report on the D-9 Foundation Benefit Weekend  provided by D-9 Foundation President Debbie Brudevold shows the weekend events totaled $70,399. This includes the auction ($40,360), golf and golf raffle, donations, dinner and sponsor support.

Following the annual report by Brudevold, Bill Eckart, who has been retained as CEO for six months to provide a focus and growth potential for the Foundation, was introduced and spoke.

Auctioneer J.B. Dimick found a way to raise some money at the very beginning of the evening as he auctioned the right to be first in line for dinner. The R.B. Browns table was hungry and bid $700 for that right.

After those present donated over $7,000 just to scholarships, Bob Kleker and Ken Trautman earned the right to have those scholarships named the Kleker-Trautman Scholarship for the coming year. That bid was $2,700.

A print of Kim Ragsdale’s “Saturday Nite Recap” sold for $1,000 to start the evening. There were 25 takers at $150 each for a Texas Hold’em night at the home of Mel and Diane Morris, complete with one of Mel’s famous BBQs.

While this year’s events did not produce the dollars of the year previous, ($90,000), those in charge felt it was a very good weekend.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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