Prospect Charter School grows

J J Sloan has been selected to fill the board position previously held by Kristy Stockebrand.

The board adopted a supplemental budget in the amount of $187,000 needed due to an increased enrollment. A kindergarten teacher and a teacher for the 2nd grade was hired. In addition, raises were approved fo the office staff. They had taken a pay freeze earlier.

The board voted to build some cement bleachers at the football field to cover the area over conduit.

Confidential salary increases will be 6%, teachers 5.1% (including Steps) and classified will receive a 6.7% increase.

The board granted waivers for employees children to attend the charter school  exempting them from the lottery drawing should enrollment exceed the goal. The high school enrollment goal is 95. Grades 5-8 goal is 25 per class and the lower grades goal is no more than 22 per class.

Supt. Don Alexander said Prospect probably has 70 students that were formerly enrolled in  District 9. Alexander  believes the fulltime kindergarten and lower class numbers are two prime reasons for the increase in students. They expected seven in kindergarten and now have 12 registered for the program.


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