Removal of trees, curbs & gutters begins on Main St

Eagle Point received notice last Thursday afternoon  of the contractor’s draft schedule for paving and sidewalk improvements on Main Street. The work by Oregon Mainline Paving is scheduled to start Sept. 29.  The curb and gutters will be replaced first, scheduled for Sept. 29 to Oct. 12. Grinding of the shoulders, called cold planning, is scheduled for Oct. 12. 

Patching of potholes and paving on Main St. from Royal Ave. to Buchanan Ave. is scheduled for Oct 13, with the paving completed on Oct 15. Replacement of sidewalks and driveways along Main Street will extend to Nov. 2. 

The ODOT project funded with Federal Economic Stimulus funds includes three other locations within Jackson County on Beall Lane, Hale Way, and East Pine/Biddle Road to be completed by mid-November.  The preconstruction meeting for the project is Tuesday, Sept. 29, with the schedule subject to any changes.    
In anticipation, the city has solicited proposals for removing the trees along Main St. that are diseased and/or causing damage to the sidewalks and pavement. Tree removal could begin Tuesday Sept. 29. 

Any closures/detours on Main St. would be limited, with closure of the parking/shoulder anticipated for the sidewalk and tree removal. The trees will be replaced as part of the Main Street Streetscape design.

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