Eagle Point Halloween “Decorating Frenzy”

Members of the Eagle Point Community Association are getting an early start on Eagle Point’s traditional holiday “Decorating Frenzy” this year by creating a list of local Halloween decoration displays that can be viewed by the public.Community residents are encouraged to call Bunny Lincoln, EPCA President (944-2446) if they are aware of particular Fall, Harvest, or Halloween related home or business decorations (including lights and window displays) worthy of being viewed and enjoyed by others.     
The Bean/Compton home at 114 N. Shasta is the first entry on this year’s list of not to be missed displays.  Complete with spooky music and other unique features, the Halloween themed decorations have been a favorite for a number of years.      Decoration locations will be collected through 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 15.  A complete list of all decorated homes and businesses will be published in the Oct. 27 issue of the Upper Rogue Independent, allowing plenty of viewing time prior to Oct. 31, and the usual trick or treat festivities.

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