Panther 7th gr volleyball

Week three of the E.P.M.S. 7th grade J.V. volleyball season posed quite a challenge.  The Panthers took on North Grants Pass on the road.  Facing a 14 to 5 deficit early in game one, the ladies looked lethargic and disjointed.  Following a quick re-grouping time-out, the Panthers began to slowly claw their way back into the game.  With the score, N.G.P. 19 and E.P.M.S. 13; Lacy Angel went on an amazing serving spree, scoring 8 straight service points.  She didn’t manage that feat alone as the Panther defense really stepped up to support the serves.  The ladies stayed hot and finished the game up 25 to 21.

Game two was equally as exciting with both teams nearly trading serve for serve.  Hannah Beebe started to extend the Panther lead with two consecutive service points followed by Kyna Burke with two more.  Faith Rittiman lit up the defense showing lots of hustle and determination.  Jaden Speedling stepped in with three clutch service points to win 25 to 20.

The Bear-Cubs took game three 15-8.  The Panthers will have to prove themselves during the re-match on Monday October 19th in Grants Pass.

Wednesday, the Lady Panthers returned to the home court against Ashland.  E.P.M.S. came out strong scoring a quick five off of Hailey Beebe serves.  Defensively, the Panthers were strong and cruised to a 25-12 win.

Feeling a bit too comfortable with a 10 to 5 lead in game two, the ladies had to face an Ace server for Ashland who quickly tied the score.  With essentially a new game at hand, the Panthers bore down and re-focused on teamwork.  This coming together enabled the Panthers to defeat a tough Ashland team 25 to 21.  E.P.M.S. went on to win game three 15-7.

In the final week of the season, the Panthers will take on a hungry North Grants Pass team away on Monday, and will travel to White Mountain Middle School on Wednesday 10/21 at 5:00.

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