Result from EPHS x-country Bend tourney

Eagle Point traveled to Bend to compete with 34 high school teams from various states. The conditions were perfect for racing. Freshman Kenny Alanis was the only Eagle Point JV entry. He ran well placing 22nd over 132 competitors and finished the course in a time of 19:23. “Kenny has just recently joined our team and has proven to be very competitive. He has shaved about 4.5 minutes off of his last time giving him an impressive PR for his experience. I am impressed with his endurance and expect good things to come from this young athlete,” said Coach Al Logan.

Sophomore Chloe Hanks lead the Eagle Point girls and finished the course in 24:14 placing 73rd. “Chloe ran well considering she has been battling injury muscle pulls etc. She is a strong runner when she is healthy and I look for her to PR in the next competition,” said Logan. Freshman Ashley Johnson kept pace with the pack to finish the race in 24:19 and took 76th place over 97 competitors. “Ashley seems to be getting stronger as the season goes on I expect that she will PR a couple of more times before this season ends”.

Varsity boys had four runners in this race. Senior Joey Logan turned in a time of 18:53 and placed 65th. Next to finish was senior Cody Warren posting a time of 19:12 and placing 81st. Sophomore Keifer Pehowic completed the race in a time of 21.02 placing 111st. Freshman Chris Mann finished the race in a time of 24:39 placing 122nd. “Our varsity has been working hard in practice seem to be getting stronger as the season progresses. Our goal is to peak at District on Oct.31,” said Logan.  The team competed  on Oct. 17, at Lithia Park.

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