Smurzynski resigns, SC hires interim

The resignation of Shady Cove City Administrator Elise Smurzynski was officially accepted by the council at the Oct. 15 meeting. Smurzynski’s last day will be Nov. 13. She has accepted the position of city administrator for Gold Hill and will begin in that capacity effective Nov. 16.

Smurzynski handed her letter of resignation in to Mayor Ron Holthusen on Oct. 9. The mayor contacted League of Oregon Cities in order to begin a search for someone to fill the office. He learned that Eagle Point resident Dale Shaddox was available. Shaddox had just finished as an interim administrator in Newport . The mayor checked with Newport and Brookings officials, both of whom said they would have kept Shaddox as a permanent administrator except he and his wife did not want to live permanently on the coast. He also served a short period of time as administrator in Phoenix.

Shaddox served on the Eagle Point Planning Commission before accepting the administrative position in Brookings. He will begin working with Smurzynski on Nov. 2.

The afternoon work session was focused on the pros of contracting with the Jackson County Sheriff’s
Office or staying with the Shady Cove Police Department.

Tentative plans call for a community meeting at the Upper Rogue Community Center on Nov. 19 wherein representatives of the sheriff’s department will be available to answer question.

In other business, the council approed goals for July 1, 09 to June 30, 2011 as follows:
•Make significant progress toward a community water system .
•Increase city hall hours to 40 per week.
•Fund position for ensuring codes and conditions are met.
• Develop plan to fund street improvement.
• Increase grant money.
• Undertake systemic review of land use processes.
• Bring floodplain management i”in house” by dec. 2010.
• Complete development riverside park and full improvement of aunt Caroline’s Park
• Complete ordinance codification.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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