Teams kick-off campaign for SC Cool Club

The Cool Club also known as the Shady Cove teen center is alive and well. Although there has not been much in the news about the club recently, the efforts to open for more days and to officially become a Boys & Girls Club are ongoing. During the interim, the Friday evenings at the club have been a huge success with about 50 to 60 youth attending weekly. Feedback from kids in the community has been positive.

To become an official Boys & Girls Club, three years of funding, either money or pledges is required. A “Campaign Kickoff Celebration” to raise additional funds for the club is scheduled for October 26. Up to now, the teen center has gotten donations of $47,000— more than 50 percent of the first year’s goal of $80,000, said Shady Cove School Principal Tiffany O’Donnell. But more donations of  money and three year pledges are still needed.

To achieve this goal, branch committee members Tiffany O’Donnell, Bill Sisson, Ed Mayer, Jill Hammond, Dave Pritchett, Roger King and other volunteers will form eight teams. This includes the communities of Butte Falls and Prospect that will each have a fundraising team.

The individual teams will have a goal of raising $5,000 or $1,000 per team member, according to O’Donnell. “All the money will be invested in our local youth at the Shady Cove site,” assured team captain Ed Mayer.

Economic times are difficult but O’Donnell hopes residents will donate to the club even if it only a few dollars. To meet the goal, three-year pledges of money are equally important, stressed O’Donnell. Mayer added, “We are trying to get our community to invest in our youth.”

The whole community benefits when kids have a place to go and activities to do during the long hours after school. When the Boys & Girls Club does take over, the community can also access its many resources, including classes, said O’Donnell.

At that time, the Upper Rogue Community Center will offer free transportation to kids in outlying areas such as Prospect and Butte Falls. The club is for kids in the Upper Rogue and some do not have a way to get to and from the club, Mayer explained.

In the meantime, O’Donnell is working to get the club open three days a week. The decision will be made soon. She hopes parents will volunteer to help at that time.

A wine and cheese party to kickoff the campaign and discuss strategy will take place on October 26 for team captains and team members. Crater Lake Cellars will donate wine for the cause, said O’Donnell. As for the team players— “We are community volunteers trying to fill a huge need in the community to support our kids,” offered Mayer.

Club hours are Fridays on school days from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Highway 62 next to the Pizza at the Cove Restaurant. For information, questions and concerns, the teen center may be reached during hours of operation at 878-3000.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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