Upper Rogue Community Center Founder’s Day program

The Upper Rogue Community Center will hold their 4th annual Founder’s Day dinner Saturday, Oct. 24 at 5:30 p.m. In addition to recognizing the contributions of the people who created the Community Center, they will honor present day volunteers and staff with the presentation of the following awards:
“Spirit of the Upper Rogue”
The Spirit of the Upper Rogue Award is awarded to the volunteer who has shown outstanding and ongoing leadership and achievement in the Community Center for at least 10 years, showing their commitment to the Community Center programs and objectives through this period, and has had actions that have benefited an individual or group who would have not otherwise might not have included in the Community Center programs.
Not awarded every year.

“Volunteer of the Year”
The Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded to an individual in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the Community Center. This award is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of a Community Center program, promoted and encouraged the partnership of the Community Center and other agencies, developed a successful Community Center initiative to assist a particular group or segment of the community, and made a notable contribution of promoting the Community Center.

“Unsung Hero”
The recipient of this award must be in an administrative or support role, must have been involved within the Community Center for a minimum of one year and must show dedication and commitment to the Community Center and its members.

“Notable Service”
The Notable Service Award is presented to a person in recognition of superior and long hours of outstanding service to the Community Center, showing a record of accomplishments, creativity, and vision.  Those individuals who have contributed more than 100 hours of volunteer service in a year’s time are recognized for this outstanding dedication of their time and efforts

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