White City collision repair shop does all kinds of vehicles

{gallery}/10_27_09/performance{/gallery}There are more and more  opportunities to spend your dollars locally. While one may not need some of the opportunities on a regular basis, a business like Performance Auto Body & Paint is incredibly handy and important if your car has been in an accident or in need of paint and any type of body work.

Bill Pharr’s Performance Collision Center is on Antelope Road not far from the Agate Road intersection. Pharr started the White City shop two years ago. Prior to that he spent 25 years in the body repair business in Sacramento.  The Performance Collision center is state of the art. He is not a designated repair location for insurance, which means repairs will be done to the customer’s satisfaction. Of course, they work with your insurance company.

They can arrange for a rental car for you.

Pharr prides himself in quality work. He operates a clean, top of the line body shop and it is the closest shop for  the needs of Upper Rogue residents.

Look for the dancing man and the lime green Baracuda out front of Performance Auto Body and Paint.  For information, call Bill at 826-0626 and look for the coupon worth up to $500 on page 35.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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