Wolverines triumph

The Wolverine football team traveled to Butte Falls Wednesday, Oct. 14, to take on the Loggers for the second time this season. The Wolverines scored the first touchdown with an opening kick return by Bryson Baker.  Brock Wilson also contributed with a pair of touchdowns and a key catch for first down. Neff Clark ran the offense well making adjustments when needed.

The Loggers challenged the Wolverines by scoring early and keeping the score very close.  In the end the Wolverines got out of town with a 26-24 victory. The team, coaches and parents would like to thank the Buttle Falls students, parents and staff for a great BBQ after the game.

Shady Cove will end the season on Wednesday, Oct.. 21, hosting the Sacred Heart Knights at 4 p.m. All are welcome to come and support the team.

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