EPHS could get a “slick stick”

A “slick stick” cell tower was the subject at the Eagle Point Planning Commission meeting on Nov. 17 and at a District 9 work session the following day.

Due to illness, a quorum was lacking at the planning commission, which meant no decision could be rendered. But the commissioners who were present heard a brief presentation from Don Larson, on behalf of AT&T. The following night Larson answered questions from the school board at their work session.

The item will be on the planning agenda Dec. 15 and on the school board agenda on Dec. 16.

The tower is called a slick stick because there are no external antenna. It is proposed to go as the light pole on the north edge of the announcers booth on the football field. While the pole will be 80 ft. in height, the lights will be placed on the pole at their current height.

AT&T will give the pole to the district. There will be space for one, perhaps two other carriers, which would also mean additional income for the district. Although the district and AT&T are still negotiating, D9 Business Manager Randy Struckmeier said one of the possible uses for some of the funds could be improved lighting for the football field.

Larson answered questions regarding health and safety concerns some board members expressed and provided charts and details. Larson also explained that all legal notification regarding the city’s public hearing had been made and no one appeared at the Nov. 17 planning commission to speak for or against the tower.

The planning commission public hearing is at 7 p.m. Dec. 15 at the city hall.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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