EPMS 8th grade wins “future Eagles” game

The EPMS boys 8th grade football team finished out a great season with a  win over White Mountain Middle School in the ‘Future Eagles’ game at EPHS.
The game began at a furious pace with White Mountain scoring on (2) long touchdown passes that were matched by EPMS to tie the score at 14-14 by the end of the first quarter. The EPMS offense got rolling with (3) unanswered scores in the second quarter and eventually pulled away for the victory. Coach Leonardo was able to get every player some quality playing time throughout the game. The EPMS offensive and defensive lines were dominant all game, as they were most of the season.  The EPMS offense was lead by Donald Everett, who scored (3) times along with touchdowns by Cesar Chavez, Alec Callahan, Lucas Morris and Peyton Dole.

The game was dubbed the ‘Future Eagles” game due to the fact that all of the (approx. 50) players on both teams will be moving onto EPHS next season as freshman (along with players from Shady Cove Middle School). Following the game the EPHS Head Football Coach, Jacob Schauffler, gathered both teams in the middle of the field at Eagles Stadium and addressed the entire group of young men from WMMS and EPMS.

Coach Schauffler told the group that he was excited to see the high quality of football that was played by both teams and since their middle school season was over, as far as he was concerned, they were now all teammates as Eagles.

He challenged them to start making good decisions, now, as they prepare for moving on to the high school level. He challenged them keep their grades up and to participate in upcoming camps, drills and conditioning programs at EPHS so that they are prepared to continue the success that the current EPHS Freshman Football team has had this season (EPHS Freshman are 7-0). He told them that he wanted to see all of their faces next fall when the 2010 freshman team starts practicing.
Coach Schauffler finished his speech by having the new teammates gather together and then break on a loud and resounding chant of- “EAGLES”!

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