New point system spoils EP layoff chance

“These kids have put in more time and effort and so have the parents than any other group of kids I’ve ever been around,” said EPHS Head Football Coach Jacob Schauffler. “It is my ninth year in coaching. I feel we’ve done some really good things this year. We’ve turned a corner and it is frustrating when this kind of thing comes up. It’s political and it keeps our kids from something they deserve,” said Schauffler.

The coach was referring to the newest wrinkle in high school football, the Azzi point system. It was what put Ashland into the playoffs despite the fact that the Eagles beat them. And, to make matters more frustrating, this system was adopted in the middle of the football system, said Schauffler.

Azzi works something like this: Eagle Point, Klamath Union and Ashland were tied for 2nd place in the league. They took the points allowed against KU and Ashland and looked at the differential. Eagle Point lost to KU by 10 points so it was considered minus one point. Ashland beat KU by 6. Eagle Point got 8 points for defeating Ashland, which meant Ashland was minus 8 points. KU got 4 points for their victory and EP and Ashland ended up in a tie with minus 2 points. KU won point differential so they went #2 in playoffs. Since Ashland and EP were tired they went by points allowed. Eagle Point had to defeat Ashland by 9 points, they defeated them by 8 points.

If you have all of that figured, good for you. We hope we have and we hope we don’t have to see it as an issue next season.   

“Our kids are young. They get better each year.  It makes me really proud of them,” said Schauffler. “I’ve never been more proud than with this group. They had a goal and did everything to achieve that goal and then saw it taken away from them.”

Everyone says “education should be all about kids.”  Have you kept up with the other new wrinkle in high school sports? This is called the “hybrid” program. And, it places Ashland and Eagle Point back in the league with North and South, Crater and Roseburg during the regular season. Somehow, we aren’t sure, once the regular season is over the kids may get some sort of a chance with their like kind., i.e other hybrids with similar school population.

As of now, it appears Eagle Point will spend much of its 2010 football on the road with other 5A schools while the former SOC 6-A schools stay very close to home.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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