Beware of Avista scam

Avista is encouraging customers to be alert to scams this holiday season and to play it safe by verifying any request for confidential information.

Keep in mind that Avista employees do not phone customers asking for confidential information, including credit card numbers. If such a call is received, the customer should end the call and notify Avista at (800) 227-9187 or online at Also, Avista does not send e-mail messages to customers requesting account or personal information.

To protect personal property, customers should also be alert to Avista’s field practices. Field employees always wear Avista photo ID badge, and often will be wearing Avista apparel and driving a clearly marked Avista vehicle. Employees typically do not need access to a customer’s home or business unless the customer has contacted Avista about a specific problem. Customers may contact Avista at any time to verify the identification of an employee.

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