Caring neighbors probably safed life of Trail man

Random acts of kindness were certainly exemplified recently by some neighbors of a Trail resident.

When the son, who lives in the Bay area, couldn’t reach the resident he called Heidi Holmes, one of his neighbors. She checked the man’s residence and found the door  unlocked, his dog and truck there, but not the man. She figured she should call the sheriff but first contacted David Davern and Pat Moarache, also neighbors, and the threesome started walking the area.

It was after 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18 when they thought they heard someone moaning. Indeed, he was alive but had taken a fall and had a broken hip. He had been down for 33 hours.

The paramedics arrived and transported the gentleman to the hospital where he was treated for a broken hip.

The neighbors were told the man probably would not have survived another day had they not cared enough to search for him. The man was clad in a t-shirt, flannel shirt and insulated jacket, but he was cold and had been without food for at least the 33 hours he was down.

“This is the beauty of living out. Neighbors look out for each other.,” said Holmes. “If we can encourage others to help and watch out for their neighbors, that’s what it all about.”

The Independent put a call in for the man’s son, but was unable to contact him and without permission, we are not including the injured person’s name.

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