Eagle Point will use 4H [rpkect in state report

Eagle Point 4-H Club, Robo Nation, took 2nd Runner Up in the first Lego League Qualifying Tournament in Roseburg, Dec. 5.  FLL = For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

There were 4 parts to the competition: In table competition, teams designed and programmed their robot to perform tasks.  There were three rounds, highest of the three scores counted. The project  interview involved teams presenting  a 5 minute research presentation to a panel of judges and answering questions about it. The robot design interview had  teams present their robot and discuss its design and programming with a panel of judges. And finally the teamwork had teams complete an impromptu teamwork activity while judges observed their teamwork process and then discussed how they utilized teamwork during their 12 week season.

The FLL theme this year is Smart Move.              
They had to look at their community and the way people and things move, and the difficulties that exist in getting  them to their destination safely or efficiently.

Then they had to choose one of those methods of transportation, research existing conditions and problems, and come up with an innovative solution.

As a final step, they had to share  results and innovative solution with their community. They shared results with the City of Eagle Point administrative staff.  They recorded the presentation, and are including it in their official record that will go to the state for review with their Transportation Safety Plan that they are in the middle of renewing.

Robo Nation will compete with the other top teams from the state in Hillsboro in January.

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