EPHS dropout gets second chance at Youth Challenge

“I was given a second chance,” were the words from 17-year-old Alex Scott.

As a drop-out with a .05 grade point average, Alex decided he would enlist in the Army until  Recruiting Officer Matt Lamott explained he needed either a GED or a high school diploma and a .05 grade point average wouldn’t get either.

But, Lamott did have a suggestion. And that suggestion has turned a 17-year-old drop out into a young man who greets people with “yes mam or no mam,” who wants to earn nothing less than a high school diploma and then perhaps consider going into the military.

Along the way he hopes to show guys he knows that there is hope and that he can set an example.

For the last 5 ½ months Alex has been in the Oregon Youth Challenge program in Bend. He and 133 others graduated last week. He graduated with a 2.85 grade point average.

The program is regimented while offering life skills that teach the students to work and give to the community. It also involves physical activity along with academics.

He will have a local mentor and some extremely supportive and proud parents by the name of Ann and Ralph Scott, of Eagle Point.

A graduation letter from Raymond F. Rees, Major General The Adjutant General, wrote, “ By completing this program you’ve demonstrated your commitment for self-improvement and your desire to succeed. You should consider this as the start of a bright future and be proud of this accomplishment.”

The Oregon Youth Challenge motto is “dream, believe, achieve.” Alex Scott is an example of their motto.


By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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