New rules for disabled permits

Applicants for disabled parking permits will need to show DMV medical certification each time they renew.
Oregonians who have a disabled parking permit must provide DMV with a medical professional’s certification of their disability each time they renew their placard after Jan. 1, 2010.

Oregon residents who use parking spaces reserved for disabled individuals are required to display a disabled parking placard in the vehicle. A placard user may be either the driver or passenger of the vehicle.

Applicants for disabled parking permits must hold an Oregon driver license or identification card in order to apply for the parking permit, and they must provide certification by a medical professional that the applicant is a person with a disability. There is no DMV fee for the disabled parking permit.

Card holders must renew their placards when it’s time to renew their driver license or ID card. Prior to Jan. 1, 2010, renewal of the disabled parking permit did not require an updated certification by a medical professional.

“The Legislature was told that some individuals continue to use disabled parking permits after they no longer need them,” DMV Administrator Tom McClellan said. “This new requirement for renewals doesn’t prevent every abuse of disabled parking spaces, but it puts a logical safeguard in place to confirm eligibility.”

Under Senate Bill 937 from the 2009 Oregon Legislature, applicants for placard renewal must obtain certification by a medical professional confirming their disability –  not just the first time they apply. The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2010.

The new certification must be dated within six months of the applicant’s driver license or ID card renewal. Applicants must renew their driver license or photo ID card, along with any disabled parking permit, in person at a DMV field office.

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