Prospect teen prepares for a very special hunt

Hunting can be for everybody. Just ask Michael Salvestrin, a senior at Prospect High School.

Michael has been invited to hunt the grand daddy of animals at the Crater Lake Buffalo Company outside of Chiloquin, Dec. 19-20-21.

The ranch donates a hunt each year for Oregon Hunters Association to auction. This year they also donated a hunt for a special needs person. And that person is Michael Salvestrin. Michael was born with spina bifida. While he cannot walk, he is extremely capable with a gun as well as with a bow and arrow.

He has hunted geese at Klamath, wild turkeys and participated in the Oregon Hunters pheasant hunt for those below the age of 17. He also handles a bow and arrow well and is a member of a 4H archery club. So hunting is not new to this young man. But he admits this hunt is rather special and he is pretty excited.

The buffalo ranch is some 6800 acres in size adjacent to the Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuse.  Guided hunts can be for a trophy, meat or just for a cull hunt. The difference is in the price.

No matter the definition of the hunt, Michael is quite sure he would neer consider the animal he expects to shoot a “cull.”

Michael’s dad will go with him. He will be situation in a blind and either wait for just the right bison and if that approach is not successful, chance are there will be a buffalo drive for which Michael will be ready.
Michael will also be able to hunt coyotes and something called sage rats (or squeakers.). According to Ron Sherva, president of Oregon Hunters  Association, these creatures are so abundant they cover the grounds like a blanket.

Michael will be going to Southern Oregon University this fall. He plays the guitar, base and mandolin and will be pursuing his musical interest.

“We are so glad people will donate,” said Sherva.

“This trip tells the kindness of strangers,” said Michael, who promises to let this reporter  know all about the hunt once he gets back home.

Crater Lake Buffalo Company is managed by Jim and Adrina Brown. They can be reached at (541) 365-2227.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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