Scholarship Dessert does well against UofO-OSU

“Quality not quantity” had some meaning at the 23rd annual D9 Scholarship Dessert . The reason for that statement was, of course, the conflict with the University of Oregon-Oregon State football game and the Rose Bowl.

As it turned out, those who stayed by a warm fire or perhaps someplace else, glued to their TV sets, still remembered the Scholarship Dessert and its purpose.

Bottom line, donations were down some, but not a lot. And, as always, Olive Lansburgh is anticipating more money from those who just forgot because they got so involved in that game of games.

This year, donations from the evening amounted to $5,680. That is down from last year’s approximately $6,000.

And judging from the number of 4.0 students, more donations are certainly needed if this program intends to give scholarships to the top students wanting to further their education.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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