EPMS 7th grade boys, 9 wins-1 loss

The Eagle Point Middle School 7th grade boys’ varsity basketball team finished the season with a record of 9 and 1.

The team’s success is attributed to eleven boys dedicated to leaving practice each night having improved their basketball skills and knowledge of the game.

This group developed an attitude that winning is a team effort-that no one person could do it all by himself.

They also learned that encouragement from each other on the basketball court and from the bench leads to a stronger, more cohesive team.

As each game was played during the season one could see the improvement in team play and court discipline.

Leaders in team scoring: Tristen Holmes 132, David Barber 76, Jacob Shelton 75, Hayden Moreau 36, and Jordan Cardenas 31.

Leaders on defense were: Kyle Hale, Tristen Holmes, David Barber, Gage Ponder and Tristen Bennett.

The scores of the games: EP 41-Fleming 25, EP 51- Hanby 8, EP 35- Grc Christian 33, EP 58- R. River 17, EP 53- Lincoln Savage 54, EP 29- Fleming 18, EP 51- Lorna Byrne 10, EP 52- Hanby 21, EP 41- Wt Mtn. 36, EP 52- R. River 22.

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