John Meeker appointed Chief of Eagle Point Police

Eagle Point has a new Chief of Police but he is not a  new person on the staff. John Meeker is now Eagle Point Police Chief Meeker. He has been a Lieutenant on the force and when Dave Strand announced he was retiring on Dec. 31, Meeker was appointed and has been working closely with Strand for several months.

Chief Meeker has been a police officer in Eagle Point for 21 years. Prior to that, he was in Jacksonville and Talent and spent several years in the military where he was a military police investigator. His entire adult life has been in the police business.

“I think the Eagle Point Police Department is a great department and I look forward to leading it,” said Chief Meeker. “Mr. Hussell and Chief Strand did a great job dealing with the economic crisis and the personnel changes that it created. I wish we could go back to 2007 and that economy would not have crashed, but reality is, we can’t.”

Among the accomplishments to upgrade the department, Chief Meeker noted “the great job Chief Strand did building the department and getting it certified.”

Chief Meeker pointed to a great working relationship with the school. “I am committed to keeping the School Resource Officer (SR), said Meeker. “I believe we have built a good relationship with the school, students communicate with the SRO and the level of trust continues to increase.”

Chief Meeker will continue to chair the safety committee for the City of Eagle Point, will be on the SORC board and will be the one who schedules his officers.

“John is the senior member of our police department,” said City Administrator Dave Hussell. “He is, in fact, the only member that started as a police officer, became a corporal, then a sergeant, a lieutenant and is now acting police chief. He has come up through the program unlike everybody else and filled every role except that of detective. He has taken on all the leadership roles and has excelled so he was the logical choice for chief,” said Hussell. “He is a team player. Three key words describe the reason Meeker has the position- loyalty, talent and experience,” said Hussell.

Meeker and his wife, Nancy, have a son who is a police detective in Stayton, and a daughter, who lives in Vancouver, Wash. They each have two children. Nancy has been with District 9 for 31 years and has been the Eagle Point Junior High (Middle School) library coordinator for 24 of those years. Chief Meeker is a member of the Rogue Valley Harmonizers Barbershop Quartet where he sings baritone.
By Nancy Leonard
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