Hearing on Shady Cove water suit Mar. 1

The Monday, Feb. 1 Shady Cove Water District meeting was business as usual. Unfortunately “business as usual” for the SCWD tends to involve court dates and law suits, regardless of who occupies the offices.   
The meeting itself was brief, but followed an hour long Executive Session called for the board to meet with their attorney for purposes of discussing current or pending law suits.

On the plus side, the district did receive another $200.00 in donations which they put in their General Fund. On the negative side, they’ll need to move it to their Legal Fund as they received their first attorney bill in the amount of $500.00. The board voted to pay $300.00 of the bill right away (the total General Fund is only $400.00) confident their attorney will be accepting of payments. This was a logical conclusion as they hired him in November and just received their first bill.

The court date and time for the current suit has been set: March 1 at 2:00 pm. All members of the board will try to attend. Commissioner Gene Reitz wondered if that were legal, President Phillip Keith advised that it is, as long as they don’t discuss board business during the court session.

The matter of the bill and court date discussed and decided, the board also discussed the new May election time and wondered if that election too would be delayed by a suit. Per the board’s attorney Michael Franell; James Collier’s attorney, Michael Kellington may add a suit regarding Collier’s alleged loan onto the 3/1 court date.

Whether the additional suit is added in March or not, the board feels there may be more suits/delays to come. There was some discussion of the district filing a suit in advance of Collier filing in an attempt to prevent any delay to the May election – but it was decided to hold off and “Let him make the first move” as it costs approximately $1000.00 just to file and it’s quite possible the 3/1 court date may be the end of any suits to come.

Yep, business as usual.


By Christy Pitto
Of The Independent

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