Shady Cove contract with sheriff approved

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners approved a request from the City of Shady Cove to contract with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Approval came after the city council voted to contract with the sheriff’s department. The decision came after several months of discussion and public meetings on the proposal. The Shady Cove Police Department was no longer staffed after Feb. 3.

Shady Cove Police employees Julie Denney and Scott Waldon  became criminal deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office effective Feb. 4.

Court will continue in Shady Cove. The sheriff’s department will staff a community policing officer in Shady Cove. Police reports previously sent from Shady Cove Police will become part of the sheriff’s report.

The city police cars will become part of the sheriff’s fleet.

Several have inquired regarding the $15 per month police fee charged by the city. That fee will remain and is a critical part of payment for the sheriff’s department services.

Department employees were recognized at last week’s council meeting.

Please contact police/court clerk Paula Stroop at (541) 878-8206 with any records inquiries. Administrative questions can be directed to Interim City Administrator Dale Shaddox at (541) 878-3757.

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