TV show to look at RV “Got Talent” auditions

Amy Drury, EPHS speech and debate instructor, received a  lot of exciting news about Rogue Valley’s Got Talent show due to be produced in Eagle Point on Mar. 5.  The cast producers of the hit “America’s Got Talent” saw her posting on myspace and called her. They will be coming to southern Oregon for auditions at the end of the month and at one other time. “They asked me to film the auditions and then send it to them. If they like any of their talents the show will then contact them-very exciting,” said Drury. The EPHS production team helped record the auditions.

Around 80 acts audition for the upcoming local show. Drury said there are lots of great singers and musicians plus other talents as well. “We even had  the five time winner of the national trial championships (bike stunts) Jeremy Vanschoonhoven (27) audition. He’ll be one of the contestants in “Rogue Valley’s got talent,” noted Drury.

In all 16 very entertaining talents from throughout the Rogue Valley were selected for the show. The contestants’ ages range from 10-57 years of age-all different with one thing in common –they are all residents of the Rogue Valley. “This show is definitely bringing the community together  in a very fun and positive way,” said the instructor.

The show will be March 5 at   6 p.m. at EPHS. General admission is $5. There will be a silent auction as well during the event. All proceeds from this event will go towards funding the EPHS speech&debate team. The team will also be making a donation  to the non-profit group “Invisible Children” a group that has been working hard to try and stop the use of child soldiers in Uganda, Africa.

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