Where’s the credibility?

We noted several issues at last week’s District 9 Board of Directors meeting, some of which were probably not known by those in attendance; but we believe they are of interest.

While those in attendance heard board member Jim Mannenbach dispute the minutes of the prior meeting, wanting statements he said he made included in the report, he should have been interested in the content of another item on that consent agenda. It was listed as AP History. What a perfect opportunity to make note of the new offering that will provide several college credits. That would have provided something of interest and of value,  something the public could understand.

Former board member Theresa Erickson addressed the board last week as did a number of others. “I stand before you today to encourage you, the board of directors, to keep your focus on creating the conditions necessary for the students of D9 to receive the best education possible.”

The AP course, which was approved as part of the consent agenda is an example of providing the best  education. But no one, not even all board members as they finally approved the consent agenda, looked at the material in their packet and  knew about the course.

As part of the superintendent’s evaluation each board members was assigned administrators and principals to ask questions of from the evaluation form. Listening to the data in executive session, I made phone calls to ascertain if Mannenbach and Mark Bateman had actually interviewed those on their list. They had not. The answers they offered  were not based on the data they were to use, but on opinions.  Other board members did their homework.

And at the end of last week’s executive session wherein the superintendent received the board’s evaluation Mannenbach and Bateman walked out without signing her evaluation form that goes to the state. Refusal to sign will be noted. Those wishing to know the results of the board’s evaluation of Supt. Cynda Rickert should contact her.

Mannenbach made a statement in last week’s board meeting that he only made decisions that were best for students. We fail to see where last week’s actions met the goal. The community needs to continue attending board meetings and work sessions to gain first-hand knowledge and judge for themselves how this board functions. Is it really in the best interest of students and community?


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