Birthday 103 was quite a celebration

In some Mediterranean cultures, the optimum congratulatory greeting at birthday or anniversary celebrations culminates with the phrase “one hundred years.” This sentiment carries the implication that it’s the most anyone could  wish for.

On March 3, Eagle Cove resident, Clara M. Lind handily exceeded that goal by three years, and extended gratitude to God plus several dozen well-wishers.

That morning Lind kept a special appointment at the facility’s beauty shop. From there she emerged with a lovely coiffure, topped by a gleaming tiara. Within a few hours, loving family members had gathered to escort Lind to a memorable noontime lunch outing. The entourage contained grandchildren, in-laws, and Lind’s three daughters who hosted the repast.  Betty Powers, of Prospect; Central Point resident, Minnie Culver; and Eagle Point’s  Freda M. Burge planned the event to honor their mother in grand style.

“Our mom also has a son, John Mallon,” they noted, “but he lives in Boise, Idaho.”

When quizzed about her happiest memories, Lind named two: “How nice people are to me,” and “How God has spared me to be this old.” 

Born in Nebraska, Lind said she traveled by covered wagon to Colorado, where her parents homesteaded. At age sixteen she encountered John Mallon, the man who’d become her first husband. Asked to describe this romantic moment, she replied,  “We met shucking corn. It was love at first sight.”

Following  John’s demise, she wed Morris Lind, now also deceased,  whose surname she still carries. After relocating to Oregon in 1932, she worked for 41 years in hospital food service.

A white stretch limo arrived at Eagle Cove’s front door Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.. Stan Mark, proprietor of  A Taste of Honey Limousine Service, stepped out and entered the lobby.  There Mark then wielded a trumpet, to produce  the strains of  “Happy Birthday to You.”  The celebrants next  boarded  the limo that transported Lind to lunch at Roosters in Medford.

Meantime, Eagle Cove’s Life Engagement Coordinator, Cheryl Quail, directed staff as they set up the activities room for the guest of honor’s return. Punch, cakes, ice cream, Mylar balloon bouquets, and gifts arrayed a head table. Among the presents–two huge portraits of Clara Lind taken by resident Col. Rocky Carvalho, USMC Retired, who deeply respects and admires the celebrant.    

Gary McLean  of  Traveling Tunes, provided engaging Karaoke entertainment opening with “It’s a Wonderful World.”  McLean’s repertoire consists of tunes dating back to the 1920’s, and later. His songs and personality  added the crowning touch to yet another cherished memory for this extraordinary woman and her family. 
By F. C. Blake
Of the Independent

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