Butte Falls speech placings at UofOregon tourney

The Butte Falls Speech and Debate Team attended the University of Oregon Robert Clark Invitational on February 25-27. Over 29 schools participated in the tournament, resulting in over 400 entries.

The team had a very successful tournament, coming home with a number of awards. Junior Colette Bray advanced to semi-finals in Junior Radio Commentary. Freshman Brittney Gorman was a finalist in Junior Serious Interpretation and placed third in Junior Humorous Interpretation. Junior Rachel Young advanced to finals in Senior Radio Commentary, and Junior Quinby Barrows placed second in Senior Humourous Interpretation and first in Senior Radio Commentary.

This is the final invitational for the season. The next tournaments are the National Qualifying meets and then Districts and State. The team is looking forward to success at these meets and see the possibility of qualifying one or more students to the National Competition in Kansas City in June.

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