EP Irrigation issues emergency water rules

It is no secret that we have not had enough rain or snow this year. Eagle Point Irrigation District (EPID) sent out a newsletter and emergency water regulations to all their patrons last week outlining the current status along with emergency water regulations.

Big Butte Creek water flow is normally running 100 to 300 cubic feet per second . The flow has been between 59 and 63 cfs all winter. When Willow Lake is full, it has a capacity of 8300 acre feet.
At last week it had a little over 3000 acre feet in it.

EPID will begin the irrigation season on a 14-day rotation.  If it continues to be dry, the season will begin Apr. 8. If it is wet, the season will begin Apr. 15. In late May or early June, there will be a pubic meeting with irrigation users to discuss the water supply and future rotation.

Each EPID patron also received a paper headline Emergency Water Regulations. Water use can be terminated if:
• Private toe ditches are not cleaned and maintained.
• Unnecessary runoff occurs.
• Water is taken out of turn from the rotation schedule.
• Any head gate or control device is readjusted to allow more water to be released after it was set by an EPID employee.
• Water is diverted to land not included within and charged as annual charge by the district.

While these messages were mailed to EPID patrons, it is none too early for everyone to conserve.

For EPID information, call 541-826-3411.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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