ERE 2nd grader’s honesty is rewarded

Eagle Rock Elementary has been given five brand new bicycle and helmets, thanks to a more than generous anonymous gentleman, who is doing something similar in Medford. The bikes are to be given to students who always do the right things. He ws adamant that the bicycles not just be given as a drawing, said Principal Joni Parsons, but be given to students who go above and beyond to do the right thing.

Just before Christmas at ERES, Damien Garibay, a second grader in Mrs. Ullrich’s class, found a $20 bill on the floor in the library during the Book Fair. He could have put it in his pocket to keep, he could have used it to buy something from the Book Fair. Instead, he took it to the school office and gave it to the secretary. She would keep it until it was claimed.

Students often turn in found jewelry, mittens, pennies, quarters, etc. to the office. If the items are not picked up within a month, then the item is returned to the student who brought it in. Damien did not ever return to the office for the money because he knew it was not his.

“At Eagle Rock, we believe that he is a fine example of a student that did the right thing even though he could have been tempted to keep or spend the $20 he found. Thus, on Feb 17, Damien received a surprise at our Eagle Rock Pride Assembly–a new bicycle and helmet. We are very proud of this young man for doing the right thing,” said Parsons.

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