Life beyond the cattle guards

Last week the small school district of Butte Falls held a very special career day for their Jr. High and High School age students.

A handful of parents thought the students may be more inspired hearing the message from alumni of Butte Falls High. With help from the current senior class, people were called and people came.

Alumni came from near and far representing many different professions. Panels were made up of several people representing Teaching/Coaching, Medical, Educators, Armed Forces, City/State/Federal government, Federal/State fire control, Business, Auto/Diesel, Massage Therapy, and Modeling.

The oldest alumni graduated in 1969 with the youngest being a 2007 grad. Coming the farthest was Rene (Huey) Lipton from Austin, Texas, a 1984 graduate and member of an international advertising agency. Lipton was one of the members of the business panel. Also traveling to take part in this event was Rob Paquett, a 1987 graduate. Paquett is retired from the US Navy and now works as a Federal auditor. He came from Washington to be on the government panel.

The students were organized into a rotational group so that each student had the opportunity to visit with each panel. Those that helped to bring this event to Butte Falls hopes it will help to restore some of the old spirit they remember the school having when they were students there, and hope that it opens the eyes to all students that they too can be successful doing the things they like to do, and to encourage them to continue their education in a college or trade school environment.  What a great way to share the message of hope to these students hearing it from those that have walked in their shoes prior to them.

More than a dozen alumni came to share the word that coming from a small school does not have to be a disadvantage and cannot be an excuse. Students were encouraged to dare to dream and don’t let the cattle guards fence them in.
By Kathy Sell
Of the Independent


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