Mar. 13 old, out-of-date prescription drug turn in day

The Eagle Point /Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce is participating in the state-wide Prescription Drug Turn-In Event in Eagle Point on Saturday, Mar. 13, from 2-4 p.m. The activity will take place at the Ashpole Center, at Eagle Point City Hall.

This is an opportunity to turn in unwanted and expired drugs to keep them out of the wrong hands and out of landfills or streams. Vitamins or over-the-counter medicines will also be accepted. As will veterinary medications.  Items must be in their original containers for identification purposes. Unknown tablets and capsules will be accepted.

Liquids will not be accepted nor will thermometers, needles or medical waste of any type.

Personal information on a prescription bottle will be marked out by one of the volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce.  An officer from the Eagle Point Police Department will be present to accept the drugs and then will be in charge of their proper disposal.

For information call the Chamber phone at 541-826-6945.

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