Mountain Star special EP Library program

The Eagle Point Library invites the public to attend a reading of Mountain Star by children’s author Ginny Fowler Hicks.   

The event is Saturday, Mar. 13, from 2-2:45 p.m. at the library. Photography by Hicks’ brother, Charlie Fowler, will be on display during March and April.    
The main character in Mountain Star is Charlie Fowler, Ms. Hicks’ brother and a renowned environmental scientist, writer, photographer, and mountaineer who blazed trails throughout the craggy Southwest and the steepest Himalayas. In 2006 Fowler died in an avalanche.

While this book began as a memorial to her brother, Hicks, a former teacher and current principal at Griffin Creek Elementary School, has written a book that stands on its own as a beautifully photographed travel guide and creatively illustrated instruction book.

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