Prescription Drug turn-In Saturday, Mar. 13, in Eagle Point

Have you checked your medicine cabinet lately? How about that junk drawer, or your purse? Chances are at least one of these sources will reveal outdated or unused medicines. You may find prescriptions or you may find outdated vitamins or over the counter drugs.

You may forget about them but all too often our children will find them–intentionally or unintentional, the result can be the same.

This Saturday, Mar. 13, from 2-4 p.m. the Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce is participating in a state-wide “Prescription Drug Turn-In Event.”  Chamber members, with assistance from the Eagle Point Police Department, will be receiving your outdated medications and over-the-counter items. The police will then be in charge of their disposal. No liquids will be accepted. Items must be in their original containers. Your identification will be blocked off the item.

Veterinary medications will also be received.

Medications cannot be accepted from businesses such as nursing homes and doctor’s offices, but individuals from nursing homes may bring their outdated medications.

The event is free and will only take a brief amount of your time. The turn-in event will be at the Ashpole Center, at Eagle Point City Hall, which is located on Buchanan St., between Linn and Main St., just two blocks off Highway 62.  There will be a sign on the front door of the Ashpole Center.

For more information call 541-826-6945, the Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce telephone.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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