Prospect math teachers resign to be with family

The Prospect School Board of Directors accepted the resignation of a husband and wife math team. They have been teaching in the middle school and at the high school but feel the need to return to their home state, which is No. Carolina, to be nearer family members. They will work through the end of the school year. They also accepted the resignation of middle school track coach, Tasha Hammerle.

Teachers and students have been working on a student success policy. This involves items such as when tests can be retaken, Friday school for tutoring and outlining  how students are graded, among other items. The school board had asked for more details on the program. It has been approved on a trial basis for the remainder of the school year.

The superintendent’s evaluation was tabled until the April board meeting because the superintendent could not be at last week’s board meeting.

Karen Wickman has been appointed to the budget committee.

All licensed staff contracts were renewed.

Prospect has 213 students enrolled. They started the year with 218.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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