Cougar sighting in Eagle Point

Eagle Point Police advise there was a sighting of a cougar in the 200 block of Prairie Landing on Thursday night, Apr. 15 at about 10:50 p.m.

According to Chief John Meeker, the residents came home and let their dog out at which time the dog immediately began barking. The residents saw the cougar before it disappeared into blackberries from their unfenced yard.

Police remind residents to keep a close watch over children and animals.  Meeker said this is mating season for turkeys and there are plenty of deer , so it is a good time for cougars. But, Meeker said cougar are as afraid of humans as humans are afraid of them.

Fish and Wildlife and Oregon State Police Game Division have been notified. Should any Eagle Point resident spot a cougar, call the Eagle Point Police immediately at 541-826-9171.

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