EP family thankful for alert youth

Kathy Pearson credits five Eagle Point Middle School students and caring neighbors for her life and the life of her three young children.  She said the students stop by their home on No. Royal everyday after school and pet their young St. Bernard dog. Selena Zuniga (wearing the purple pants), Kianah Wright, Marcus Farmer-Morales, Aaron Clark and Mekayla Brown spotted fire atop the home on N. Royal and alerted the homeowner.  Last week they made their usual stop when they saw a puff of smoke coming from atop the house near the chimney. Suddenly they saw flames. Pearson was home with her three children; two were napping and the third was in the bathtub when the students alerted her to the problem. Pearson said she didn’t smell anything nor had the smoke alarms gone off.

The next thing she knew her very caring neighbors were already spraying down the rooftop. It was quick action by all that prevented significant damage to their two-story home at 533 N. Royal.

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