FD 3 firemen give 3-wheeled stroller to young victim & family

We depend on the service our firefighters, paramedics and dispatchers provide when an emergency occurs. But we don’t always see the other side of those dedicated folks. They, too, have emotions and feelings. That caring side of those people was seen last week at Fire District 3 when four-year-old Louwashyouwa King and his parents, Kerry and Bobbie King, were invited to the fire station for a special celebration.

On Mar. 6, Louwashyouwa ran out to meet his dad who was on the tractor. He slipped and as a result has lost one leg below the knee. Myron Harvey, Fire District #3, was first on the scene- a scene he could not soon forget. He and Local 1817 of the Firefighters Union wanted to do something special for the King family and when the family  returned from an extended stay at Doernbechers Children’s Hospital in Portland, the firefighters purchased a three wheeled cart for them. Not only does this make it easier for the family to go places together, young Louwashyouwa manages quit well in it.

The celebration included a ride in the fire truck, a fireman’s hat and an opportunity to meet Jim Shaw, the Mercy Flights paramedic and Jeanette who was the SORC dispatcher, at the time of the accident.

Immediately after the event at Fire District 3, the family headed back to Portland to begin the process that will eventually fit Louwashyouwa with a prosthesis. And, instead of having to make numerous trips to Portland during this time, the man who makes the prosthesis is right here in the valley. This means the fitting and follow up will be done here. Shriners will take care of the extended expenses until Louwashyouwa is 18.

The personnel who responded to the accident were very pleased to see how well Louwashyouwa was doing and his parents were glad to put faces with those who helped so much.

There is an account for Louwashyouwa King at any PremierWest Branch.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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