Shady Cove hires new city administrator

Anticipation is generally regarded as a pretty keen state of being. We all love to look forward to something; be it an epic event or just a nice hot shower at the end of a grueling day. Spring tends to be an anticipatory season and the City of Shady Cove is sure blooming with “things to come”. The Apr. 1 city council study session and meeting were short on motions but long on impending “good things”.

The afternoon session consisted of two presentations and a kick off meeting. First up was Michael Stringer from the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. The Conservancy is Oregon’s oldest and has conserved 8,300 acres to date. They choose their projects carefully, but are continuously looking for new ones. If a landowner has property worth saving; i.e. farmland, a critical salmon spawning creek, a site of historical significance, etc – the Conservancy will purchase a land easement from the owner and take over the preservation of that area. Benefits run from just plain feeling good about preserving these sites for future generations to possible tax breaks.

Speaking of tax breaks, next on the agenda was a presentation by Buzz Thielemann and Angalee Sutton from RHT Energy Solutions. If you have any interest in making your home more energy efficient (and who doesn’t?) these folks have the project for you. Sometime around the end of 2010 they will begin building a model energy efficient home on Lot #9 of the White Oak Subdivision. The home will be open during all stages of construction for folks to view. RHT too will be available to give tours and answer questions on energy efficient construction and/or upgrades. Moreover RHT anticipates the project will bring lots of attention to the city as they intend to publicize the heck out of it.

Last came the kick off meeting for the Water Master Plan update with HGE, Inc. For now HGE President Richard Nored needs copies of all previous studies and plans. From there HGE will begin their work in earnest. If all goes according to plan the city will have the details of what it will realistically take to create a city wide water system 120 days from now.

City Administrator Dale Shaddox again wanted to clarify that any such system would not – repeat not – be paid for by grant monies. Such funding is flat out not available. If the city is ever to have a water system the citizens will need to band together and pay for it.

In addition to more things to anticipate, the evening meeting also contained lots of “thank yous” for things already done. Including: thanks from the Cool Club for city support, thanks from city admin candidate Denise Brakemen for the interview. Thanks from Jane Hagen for the noxious weed abatement program and thanks from Fire Chief Miller for the vehicle donation.

As for all things anticipatory; Councilor Margaret Bradburn is not only looking forward to the big Shriner’s event at the end of April/beginning of May – but is also looking forward to the end of the big Shriner’s event. In an effort to ensure the event goes off without a hitch and brings in those oh-so-valuable tourist dollars Bradburn has taken on the role of the Shriner’s personal secretary and event planner. The work seems to be paying off and local businesses are really being supportive.

Flyers have also been mailed for the May 22 Public Service Day and more will be distributed to the school next week. Both events are well worth anticipating.

Next came the formal hiring of the new permanent City Administrator. Choosing from five great candidates was no easy task, but the council is most happy with their choice: Joseph Riker III – please call him “Joe”. Though no one is looking forward to saying goodbye to Shaddox, all are confident Riker will do a great job and will be a pleasure to work with. In fact all past employees and peers interviewed during the hiring process would like Riker back.
So here’s to the anticipation of conservation, energy efficiency, a water plan, a new City Admin and a parade full of guys wearing those nifty fez hats.
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent


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