Track team knows how to really lend a hand

Wednesday, April 7th  was the prettiest day that our area has seen all spring.  The weather provided the perfect setting for the Eagle Point Track Team’s First Annual “Lend a Hand Day.”  The track team decided to do something a little different for this season’s fundraising efforts. In coordination with the Eagle Point Senior Center, the EPHS Track team was matched up with local seniors who could benefit from a helping hand. Team members sought community members to sponsor them in their,”Lend a Hand Day” efforts. 

Washing windows, piling brush, planting trees, finishing a gazebo were among task undertaken by the EPHS tracksters.  Jerry Zieman, president of the Eagle Point Senior Center said, “Thanks to the kids!  They were polite, had a great work ethic…they were just great!”  The biggest project the team tackled was the Eagle Point Community Garden.  Approximately 35 EP Track team members weeded, trimmed trees, moved manure and topsoil, rebuilt a composting station, landscaped and planted bulbs during a 2 hour “blitz” at the S. Shasta site. “This is the most work that any volunteer group has ever done….Your kids are great sports.  Their efforts have put us 2 years ahead in our garden improvement plan!” exclaimed garden club member, Jean Buck.  Many team members expressed sentiments similar to junior Aaron Foster who said,” It felt good to have the opportunity to help…to be able to give something back to the community.” The connection between the track team members and the senior citizens was very heart-warming.  Hopefully, the 1st Annual “Lend a Hand Day” is just the beginning of a strong connection across the generations in our community!

In addition to the work done at the Community Garden, students also helped individual citizens. As an example, Cassi Boykin, Cori Culpepper, Teseea Baker, Haylie Winner and Lizzie Renninger went to the home of Suzi Collins and did yard work. Collins had major foot surgery two months ago and has been unable to drive let alone think about yard work. “I want to thank them for the hard work. Great job,” said Collins.
By Mike Johnston
EPHS Track Coach

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