Day to get to know sheriff’s department in Shady Cove

After over four months of discussion and weighing options, the City of Shady Cove disbanded the police department and contracted with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on February 4 of this year. This change was done with citizen input at both council sessions and a town hall meeting at the Upper Rogue Community Center.

Some who attended the town hall were against switching until they heard testimony showing that both the monetary savings and increased coverage by deputies would be of benefit to the city and its citizens.

Since February 4 when green and white patrol cars first rolled into Shady Cove, there has been much favorable response to the change. The strong presence of sheriff’s deputies has been looked on favorably by most citizens. An added benefit is that Community Service Officer, Barry Moore, is hard at work cleaning up eyesores and improving the look of the town.

A Public Service Day on Saturday May 22 at Fire District 4 from 10:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m. will give citizens a chance to chat with Moore, other personnel assigned to Shady Cove and the city council and also see what the $15 public safety fee and taxes are providing Shady Cove.

All divisions form the sheriff’s department will display equipment including traffic, the SWAT team, Search & Rescue and corrections. Mercy Flights and the fire district will also display apparatus, according to Dave Strand, assistant to Undersheriff Rod Countryman.

Of special importance, parents may get a complete child ID kit that includes fingerprints, DNA and a photograph taken on the spot. Parents will use a swab to gather DNA from their child or children. If a child is lost or missing, parents have all information to aid in a search, said Strand who is the retired police chief of Eagle Point.  There will also be information available on children’s car seats.

The day is an opportunity for citizens to “put a face” on people in law enforcement serving Shady Cove. Refreshments will be provided by Fire District 4 Support Group. The fire station is at 21200 Highway 62. For more information call Shady Cove City Hall at 541-878-2225.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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