EP honors 4 police offiers; dom height at new reservoir a concern

Police officers  Dustin Laford,  Robert Leonard, Darin May and Acting Police Chief Jim Gray were honored by the staff and city council for their professionalism and courage under conditions of extreme stress as they responded to the situation involving Adam Wehinger. Each received a plaque with a letter written recognizing their effort and their ability to put their training to use.

Gary Miller, executive director of ACCESS, provided information to the council on services provided by ACCESS and exactly the number served to Eagle Point residents for each service. The breakdown includes:
Visits with seniors with disabilities- 37
Emergency shelter for homeless-2 households, 15 rental assistance
Emergency assistance- 418 households
Housing counseling-46
Weatherization-14 (80% were mobile homes)
Food Share- 214 Eagle Point families went to Shady Cove or White City, no food pantry facility in Eagle Point.
Food boxes for those age 60 and up- one mo. Box- 29
Medical equipment loaned- Any age, no pre-qualifications- 140
Jr. Achievement-K-12 served 270 District 9 youth

Building director Dale Bohanan said the city of Eagle Point received approval to provide electrical permits and, as a result, can now provide all permits in Eagle Point. Previously, electrical was done by the county.

It has been at least two decades since fees have been raised. A public hearing will be held at the next council meeting.

The auditors have given the city really good marks.

Councilors had great praise for Vintage Fair and the job Bob Russell did on the event.

A couple on Leandra Lane expressed great concern over the dome under construction on the reconstructed water reservoir on Riley Road. The height, the fact that it is to be aluminum and what they consider unnecessary expense because of the height were issues they raised. (See a picture of the reservoir dome on page 9)

Hussell said the dome sticks out probably more than anyone expected. The council asked staff to see if anything can be done to reduce the reflection from the aluminum roof. And the day after council meeting Robert Miller, public works director, was consulting with the contractor to discuss options and at what cost.

The budget committee meets May 24 at 7 p.m. in the council chamber.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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