FD 3 gives 2 Heroic Action awards

Fire District 3 presented two Heroic Action awards for what was described as life-saving effort. On the afternoon of Oct. 1 in the 100 block of Onyx in Egle oint, Mark Keson and Mark Culp rescued a man from his burning truck. The driver crashed into a light pole. Keson swas near by, saw the truck was on fire and saw someone inside on the driver’s side. Despite the acrid smoke, Keson ignored the danger. Culp became aware of the crash and assisted in getting the driver out of the burning vehicle.

Firefighter Brian Murdock wrote the report that recommended the men for the honor.

For the first time in many months there were no audience comments or requests at the regular Fire District 3 board of Directors meeting.

t was announced that Deputy fire Marshal Mike Thrapp had resigned and had, in fact, aleady departed for the Middle East and a new fire prevention challenge.

From 167 applications handed out for the firefighter exam, 90 took the written exam. Sixty of those will now go through the physical and oral examination. The field will be narrowed to three and a decision will be made.

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) has completed their managerial assessment and a written report will be available at the May 20 board meeting.

A resolution for non-bargaining personnel salary and benefits for the 2010-11 fiscal year was approved. Interim chief Iverson met with board appointed board members and staff in the process. Iverson asked that the non-bargaining sub-committee be retained so the chief and committee could continue to work through needed changes. That was part of the resolution approval.

Greg Winfrey was named Operations Chief and Mike Hussey was  promoted to Battalion Chief.  Administrative, clerical and maintenance personnel was given a three percent cost of living adjustment for the coming fiscal year.

Members of the firefighter bargaining unit will receive a 5.5 percent salary increase effective July 1.

The board approved the transfer of funds from Operation Contingency to specific accounts totaling $198,300.  Primary reasons including the dismissal of Chief Hard, hiring of ESCI, and volunteer response reimbursement that exceeded the original estimates.

Approval was given to the name change of Southern Oregon Regional communications (SORC) to Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO).
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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