Planning Commission approves hardware store for Eagle Point

The Eagle Point Planning Commission held a special meeting and public hearing Thursday, Apr. 29 to hear a request for a Master Site Plan approval with signage and setback variances to build an 11,996 sq. ft. hardware store with a rental and landscape product area. The location of Eagle Point Hardware & Rental would be at 10840 Hannon Road, south of Wal-Mart.

The property is owned by Alan Cornwell and Antoinette Damico. The applicant is Kent Cohee, who owns Shady Cove Hardware. The spokesperson for R.A. Murphy Construction and the applicant was Jim Acrey.

The structure is of a general Craftsman-style, with stained/painted wood siding with battens and accent banding, composition shingles and corrugated metal roofing. Approved colors are tan with green trim and a gray roof.

Some of the requirements and planning approvals include:

• Client asked for conventional grey metal chainlink fencing around south end of the building for trash containers.  The city asked for ornamental block walls and access gates of solid, sight obscured material. This is similar to Wal-Mart and other recent commercial development.  The planning commission approved the client’s request for chain link with slats. The city will require heavy duty slats.

• Signage took at least an hour of debate if not longer. Acrey asked for signage on all four sides of the building, externally illuminated. The store owner testified asking for signs on three sides. The commission denied the sign variance. The client and/or his representative and city staff will address this issue at some future date. However, the commission did approve the oversize sign allowance which means oversized signs cannot be greater than 25% over signs compatible with others in the vicinity that conform to the intent of the ordinance.

• The applicant requested a variance to construct landscaping material bins in the Hannon Road setback. The staff said the bins needed to be at the south side of the property.  City staff said customers will park adjacent to the bins and equipment will be used to handle material. Bin location will put both waiting customers and moving equipment in the middle of the cross access easement, seriously jeopardizing the general public health, safety and welfare. The staff variance request would be denied. The planning commission approved the client’s request, which will be near Hannon Road.

• There was considerable discussion regarding cross access. The client will own an adjacent piece of property. The city is requiring cross access. The client was very much against this, despite the fact that it part of a city ordinance. At this point the city suggested the entire issue be tabled to a future date. Apparently the client, was not aware of this issue although his representative was. The client agreed to it rather than table the planning process.

• Another issue concerned street lighting, again a part of the city process. It was agreed the client would put infrastructure in place. The commission allowed him one year for street lighting on Hannon Road.

The session lasted just shy of four hours and beyond the allotted meeting time without a special vote of the commission.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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