Calendar for new D9 school presented

David McKay, of the Willamette ESD, who is a consultant on the school construction for School District 9, made a presentation to the school board’s June 23 work session.

Prior to his discussion, Interim Business Director Dan Zaklan said original cost estimates came in above available funds and there was no way that could be considered. Zaklan and McKay have made some preliminary reductions in the rough estimates.

McKay said he was very impressed with the concrete re-fab plan district officials saw in Nevada recently and costs are based on that plan. He presented the following timeline:

A request for an architect will have a deadline of July 30 for the selection process. The design process deadline will run from Aug. 2-Oct. 15 with the permit process from Sept. 27-Oct. 18.

A two step process with a contractor pre-qualification will be from Sept. 13-Oct. 4, a bid process from Oct. 4-Oct. 25. The goal is to open a new elementary school for the start of school in 2011. It will be located on the old Glenn D. Hale site.

Following the workshop, the public hearing for the budget was held with no audience comment. Board member Jim Mannenbach was the only one to comment. He wanted assurance there would be no staff cuts. Zaklin said that was true. Director of School Improvement Tina Mondale pointed out that title funding has changed a bit and every school will get a little less which could make an adjustment in a part time person. And Director of Human Services Mike Remick said part-time employment varies and can be rearranged by principals based on need.

The $35 million budget was unanimously approved. To avoid reduction in staff or cutting of education days, $700,000 will be taken from contingency funds and $1 million from the cash carryover account. These moves were necessitated when the governor announced funding statewide in all services would be cut by nine percent because of a $577 million shortfall.

District employees, including administrators, are taking a salary freeze for the second year. In addition, administrators will go without step increases. Other eligible employees will still receive those increases.

Interim business manager Dan Zaklan has told the board of directors he expects the downturn in funding to continue. Starting this fall, district officials will meet with employees and community members to address shortfalls they anticipate could total as much as $4 million in 2011-2013.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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