Event fund request failed Shady Cove criteria

With the mayor and one city councilor on vacation, the remaining three members of the Shady Cove City Council were on a roll at the regular council meeting on June 17. Councilors Gary Hughes as acting Chair, Margaret Bradburn and Leith Hayes gave their frank opinions on a recent planning commission decision and on a funding request, causing Shady Cove business owner, Kate Crowston, to wipe away several tears after she received only partial funding for an event she organized.

Crowston, owner of Shady Kate’s Boutique and the organizer of the 2nd Annual Tie Days for Dad on June 19, originally requested $1,284 from the city for expenditures regarding this event. By the time Crowston appeared before council, she had pared her request down by $500 after dropping plans for an ad in the Mail Tribune. With questions about the location of chainsaw carvers, food and music and the distribution of vendors, the council was not convinced Tie Days was a citywide event—the criteria for funding events.

Also concerning the council was that Crowston, unlike other event organizers, did not present her budget to the city before running up expenses. Line items on Crowston’s request that caused the most concern were marketing flyers and a table and Business of the Month Sign at the Costco Business Faire that Crowston participated in. Flyers are usually printed by the city for events, saving the cost of commercial printing. The council felt the costs for Tie Days were unproportionally high compared to other events such as Daffodil Daze and the Spam Festival.

Crowston made a professional presentation but in the end, council voted unanimously to fund only $200, an amount that matched a contribution for the event from the Shady Cove Business Association. During public comment at the end of the meeting, Crowston rebutted several points made by council but at the end she shook council member’s hands and thanked them.

During council reports, planning commission liaison Hughes reported on the June 10 planning commission meeting. Regarding the conditional use permit for RV storage on Highway 62 at Indian Creek Road, council members expressed their disappointment that landscaping in front of the storage units would only consist of six barrels of shrubs possibly without an irrigation drip system and that owner Jeff Smith was not required to install a sidewalk in front of the business.

Hayes emphatically stated it was the perfect place to start sidewalks in the city. Smith will discuss the feasibility of sidewalks with ODOT and report back to the commission but the fact that sidewalks were not stipulated means the feature will most likely not happen.

Bradburn felt the chain link fence, originally installed without a conditional use permit, should have been moved back as had been previously discussed so landscaping would hide what some residents consider to be an unsightly spot on Highway 62. Instead slats will be installed in the fence along with a few other minor modifications. Hayes said he was disappointed the commission did not get a little more aggressive on this permit and he suggested another joint workshop between council and the commission. It will be three years (counting a one-year extension) before the permit is up for renewal and when more modifications to the property can be required.

Other business consisted of approval of the 2010 Retainer Agreement for Legal Services with Steven E. Rich, the City Attorney. With financial details the same as the previous year, council voted unanimously to approve the contract without much discussion.

Resolution No. 10-09 transferred funds from the General Fund contingency to Parks & Recreation 07 Materials and Services category and from the Sewer Operations Fund 02 contingency to Materials and Services for Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Budget. If this resolution had not passed, the impact would have been the risk of exceeding spending authority during the current fiscal year that ends July 1.

The next council study session and regular council meeting are July 1. Councilors discussed the need for the study session that will set policy on the definition of a citywide event, funding such events and whether vendors should be charged a business license for the day. Business owners have been encouraged to submit ideas on what they feel is fair. Council will then make the decision on what the city can afford to do and what it should do.

The regular meeting will include an appeal of a planning commission decision on a land partition.

The study session and regular meeting are at 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. respectively at city hall, 22541 Highway 62.

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