Finance commission looks at initiatives

A five-member Committee composed of the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Revenue, the Director of the Department of Administrative Services, and a local government representative must prepare an estimate of the financial impact of each measure to be voted on statewide.

The Financial Estimate Committee will meet on Monday, June 28. At that time, the committee will meet with pertinent agencies to outline an approach, identify necessary information, and begin drafting financial impact and explanatory statements for any measure referred to the voters by the Legislature and measures that have turned in signatures for early verification and that could be voted on at the Nov. 2, 2010, General Election. 
Additional meetings to work on drafting financial impact and financial explanatory statements are scheduled during July.  When the Committee approves the draft statements, the statements will be filed with the Secretary of State, Elections Division.  The Secretary of State will schedule hearings to receive public comments on the draft financial impact statement.  If a statement receives comments during the public hearing, the Financial Estimate Committee must meet to review those comments and consider revisions to the statement.    
Drafting meetings for legislative referrals:
•Legislative Referral 401 Amends Constitution: Expands availability of home ownership loans for Oregon veterans through Oregon War Veterans’ Fund.

•Legislative Referral 404 Amends Constitution: Requires Legislature to meet annually; limits length of legislative sessions; provides exceptions.

•Legislative Referral 405 Amends Constitution: Authorizes lowest-cost borrowing for state’s real and personal property projects

Begin drafting statements for initiative petitions that have submitted signatures in accordance with ORS 250.105 and that may qualify to be voted on at the Nov. 2, 2010, General Election:

•Initiative 13 Imposes Mandatory-minimum sentences for certain “Major Felony Sex Crimes” and Driving Under Influence Convictions.

•Initiative 28 Establishes medical arijuana supply system and assistance and research programs; allows limited selling of marijuana.

•Initiative 50 Amends Constitution: Transfers legislative redistricting responsibility following census from legislature to new appointed commission of retired judges.

•Initiative 63 Expands laws allowing defensive use of deadly force; eliminates liability for adult trespasser’s injury/death.

•Initiative 70 Amends Constitution: Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014; modifies funding process.

•Initiative 76 Amends Constitution: Creates exception to casino ban; legislature must allow one private casino if authorized by initiative.

•Initiative 77 Authorizes Multnomah County casino; casino to contribute monthly revenue percentage to state for specified purposes.

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